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Canon KJ22eX7.6B IRSE

Canon KJ22eX7.6B IRSE
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NZ $33,000.00
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NZ $37,950.00 incl GST

Main Features



Multi-purpose Telephoto Lens for Cost Effective HD Productions



The new KJ22ex7.6B is a telephoto lens covering a generous range of focal lengths while also providing a modest wide-angle of almost 65 degrees in the 16:9 HD image format. This provides a very flexible image framing range especially for outdoor applications. The central design criteria for this new lens sought an excellent balance between size, weight, and HD optical performance intended for HD News and many HD production applications. Customer recommendations based upon experiences with our first generation HDgc telephoto lens combined with the harnessing of new optical design strategies and new advanced optical materials to produce an excellent overall price performance ratio for the new KJ22ex7.6B.



Improved Optical Performance



The optical performance of the KJ22ex7.6B has been improved on a number of fronts compared to its predecessor KJ21ex7.6B. The new lens deploys Large Diameter Aspherical lens elements that contribute to a better control of comatic aberration, geometric distortion, and corner resolution. Curvature of field and chromatic aberrations have been reduced by use of special optical materials that include Fluorite and Hi-UD glasses. Computer optimization of both the optical and optomechanical designs contributed to achieving a high-performing telephoto lens within a compact and lightweight body.



Improved Operabilty and Reduced Operator Fatigue



Besides the exceptional optical performance, another remarkable character of this new lens is it’s newly designed drive unit. With the goal of pursuing ease of operation, Canon has reached a new design based on human ergonomics, refined by a long term research and testing.

  • specifications
Lens Model Number KJ22ex7.6B IRSE / IASE
Built-in extender 1.0x 2.0x
Zoom Ratio 22x
Range of Focal Length 7.6~168mm 15.2~336mm
Maximum Relative Aperture 1:1.8 at 7.6-116.3mm
1:2.6 at 168mm
1:3.6 at 15.2-232.6mm
1:5.1 at 336mm
Angular field
of view
16:9 64.6x 39.1 at 7.6mm
3.3x 1.8 at 168mm
35.1x 20.1 at 15.2mm
1.6x 0.9 at 336mm
4:3 60.1x 46.9 at 7.6mm
3.0x 2.3 at 168mm
32.3x 24.5 at 15.2mm
1.5 x 1.1 at 336mm
Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.) 0.80m(10mm with Macro)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 16:9 95.0 x 53.4cm at 7.6mm
4.4 x 2.5cm at 168mm
47.5 x 26.7cm at 15.2mm
2.2 x 1.3cm at 336mm
4:3 87.4 x 65.6cm at 7.6mm
4.0 x 3.0cm at 168mm
43.7 x 32.8cm at 15.2mm
2.0 x 1.5cm at 336mm
Approx.Size (W x H x L) 164.7 x 112.1 x 218.6 mm
Approx.Mass(IRSE/IASE) 1.82kg(4.0lbs) / 1.90kg(4.19lbs)

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